About Jinbay.com

Jinbay.com is the leader in social commerce among overseas Chinese in Americas and beyond. Connecting businesses with Chinese users in 210 cities in the U.S. and Canada, Jinbay.com is a unique platform that provides accurate marketing and cutting-edge social networking services.

Engaging a rising affluent Chinese user base in North America, Jinbay stands out with its high quality information and bi-lingual marketing services.

Users and businesses can pursue their passion on Jinbay.com by building and expanding their audience, earning income from the fruits of their work, and on their own terms.

Jinbay.com is a neutral, business friendly platform for free people in North America and around the world. Jinbay’s co-founders dreamed of the world’s next generation social platform that promotes freedom while empowering creators and businesses with smart tools for commerce in the new era. Jinbay users flourish when they can express themselves and share their stories in a free and safe environment under the rule of law.

Jinbay was founded on the belief that freedom is the foundation of prosperity; people get to pursue happiness and prosper when their freedom and rights are protected.

The Jinbay team consists of visionary individuals – free and fun-loving people dedicated to revolutionizing social commerce with a new platform to restore privacy, respect, and a healthy experience for users and businesses. Jinbay provides free people around the world with a digital platform and communication network they love and trust.

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